DC Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack 5 - The Rogues

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Honor Among Thieves!

Asking for help is never a strong suit for villains, but sometimes they need a helping hand to snag a big score or take down a worthy hero. Villains like Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, and the rest often need to work together to take down The Flash and his speedy allies. With DC Comics Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues, you become a Super-Villain who always has some help within reach, thanks to Teamwork.

Introducing six new super-villains to play with oversized player cards featuring the "Teamwork" keyword, The Rogues expansion is fully compatible with the original DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil, and Teen Titans. Cerberus Engine compatible game.

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