Chessex: Reversable Battlemat - 1" Squares/Hexes

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23 1/2" X 26" in size

These mats, first made available in 2002, build on the Chessex reputation for single-sided vinyl game mats. The specially-made vinyl features the same eye-pleasing oyster color as the original single-sided mats while being made in such a way to give a flat surface for writing. Using water-soluble overhead-projection pens, you can write on the vinyl and remove later with water when the drawing is no longer needed.

Do not use grease pencils, permanent markers, or dry erase pens. Use only water-based overhead-projection pens. It is recommended to first test any pen pen on a small area and wait at least 30 minutes before wiping off. Please that red marker from any manufacturer tend to stain quicker than other colors, so please use sparingly.

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